Budget 2021-2

How is the parish council funded?

The parish council raises most of its money by the precept, the portion of your council tax which goes to the parish council.

The precept amount for 2021-2 is £131,329. This equates to £117.93 for a Band D household in Theale.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the council has assumed little income will come from hire of its facilities. It has therefore taken a conservative outlook for this type of income. 

What will the parish council spend in 2021-2?

The chart to the right gives a breakdown of the expected expenditure for 2021-2. 

Or you can see the complete budget

What about reserves?

The parish council has limited reserves for various purposes, such as enhancement of the recreation ground and expenditure related to unauthorised encampments. 

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Expected expenditure in 2021-2