Public meetings schedule 2021-2

Monday 12 April 2021
Ordinary meeting 
Monday 26 April
Annual parish meeting
Thursday 6 May
Annual meeting
Monday 7 June
Monday 21 June
Extraordinary meeting 
Monday 5 July
Ordinary meeting
Thursday 8 July
Finance committee
Wednesday 28 July
Open spaces committee
Monday 9 August
Ordinary meeting
Monday 6 September
Ordinary meeting
Monday 4 October
Ordinary meeting
Monday 8 November 
Ordinary meeting
Monday 6 December
Ordinary meeting
Monday 10 January 2022
Approval of budget for 2022-3
Monday 7 February
Ordinary meeting
Monday 7 March
Ordinary meeting
Monday 4 April
Ordinary meeting
Monday 9 May
Annual meeting of the parish council (followed by an ordinary meeting)
Monday 23 May
Annual parish meeting 

All meetings start at 7:30pm unless otherwise specified.

Meetings take place in the Peter Gooch room, unless otherwise specified.

Details may be subject to change, so please check this page for details. 



The chairman and vice-chairman are elected at the annual meeting of the parish council. The council also elects members to its committees and as representatives on outside bodies.

The annual parish meeting is different and not to be confused with the annual meeting of the parish council! However, if the chairman of the parish council attends, she or he presides. The annual parish meeting is an opportunity for electors of Theale parish speak on any topic of local interest.