Direct Debit for garden waste collection

Published: 09 August 2021

Residents at Saturday's "councillor walkabout" on Theale High Street asked about how West Berkshire Council will only allow payment for its garden waste collection via Direct Debit. We can provide the following response from the Environment Department:

We are indeed encouraging residents interested in subscribing to the garden waste collection service to pay using Direct Debits. The use of Direct Debits allows for easier renewals for residents as, following an initial straightforward sign up, renewals will be automatic. Direct Debit payments also allow for added safeguards for residents in the form of the Direct Debit guarantee.

Whilst it is preferable for the initial Direct Debit to be set up online and it is envisaged that the majority of our residents will be able to do so using this method, both equipment and assistance are available in the Council offices at Market Street in Newbury for those without their own internet access. Alternatively, a family member or trusted friend or neighbour could give access to a device or complete the online form on their behalf. In the remainder of instances, the Council will be able to assist in the set-up of the Direct Debit by phone.

We appreciate that there will be a very small number of residents who may not be able to set-up a Direct Debit even with the assistance referred to above. For residents who genuinely cannot make payments using Direct Debits they can call the Council (on 03301 319742) or email: and a member of the team will discuss options with the resident and provide assistance. We are very busy at this time helping vulnerable residents, so residents are being asked to call only if they cannot find the right information from our website. 

The initial renewal window for the green bin subscription is open until 26 August 2021. Therefore we envisage that, even where assistance is required, residents will be able to renew in sufficient time for an uninterrupted service. We will also send reminders to customers who sign up this year using Direct Debits close to the renewal date in August 2022. That will give them an opportunity to renew or cancel their Direct Debits if they no longer require the service.