Deadmans Lane

Published: 08 April 2022

What is happening?

West Berkshire Council will be introducing a No Motor Vehicles restriction along part of all Deadmans Lane in order to encourage active travel. You can find a map of the planned restriction here.

The exact lengths have been chosen to minimise the impact to any property but all would only have access from one direction once the restriction is in place. There will be an ‘Except for access’ exemption at both ends to allow any maintenance within the restricted area (either by utilities, highways or adjacent land owners) to be completed as well as access for emergency vehicles as and when necessary.

It is unlikely that signs alone will deter motor vehicles from using the restricted section so physical measures will also be necessary. This will most likely be a combination of rigid and removable reflective bollards sufficiently spaced to allow pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians to pass easily.

What happens next?

West Berkshire Council is aiming to have the site works completed and the legal order come into force by the end of June, although this may change as things progress. Once the restrictions are in force the 6 month public consultation will begin. We will then have a further 12 months to decide whether to drop, amend or make the restriction permanent.