Deadmans Lane - Update

Published: 29 December 2022

Update from West Berkshire Council 06.12.22:

An update on the experiential closure order. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we have not been physically able to close this road off as we wished to assess the practically of this closure due to the presence of an access into Theale Green School that has to be maintained. The location of this access means there isn’t a suitable location for a turning head to be provided within the narrow lane that will be able to be used by vehicles that have gone pass the school access and need to turn round. Various signage options were considered warning motorists of the fact there was no turning head pass a particular point on Deadmans Lane but again the practicalities of that prove difficult too. The use of the school access as a turning head is not possible due to the lack of available turning space within the highway boundary (we cannot use land outside the highway boundary for turning vehicles around). A Road Safety Audit on the scheme also highlighted issues with visibility to the Northern end of the lane and how was the signage for the closure proposed to be provided at that end without major removal of hedge row along the Englefield Road. Therefore our recommendation so far on this scheme which we will present at the end of January next year when we report on the initial consultation of the scheme is its not practical to implement and will be recommended not to be made permanent if only signage is to be used to close it off and only the use of physical measures (not possible) or ANPR enforcement (very expensive) are the only way we can implement this closure.

We asked if the road could be made one way. WBC responded:

I would strongly advise against a one way road for a couple of reasons. It encourages speed as a motorist doesn’t need to worry about what’s coming towards them so are less careful and will push the speed up accordingly. It could create conflict between vehicular traffic and non motorised traffic as cycles for example will use it two way regardless without thinking about meeting motorised traffic. In all honesty not advertising it as anything special and leaving as it is only locals and those lost will use it and as that isn’t that many it is probably the best result.